Name: Harry Peter Wolf/Wolff


Age/DoB:  Sept. 10, 1880


County of conviction: Beaverhead


Judicial District:  5th                 


Case No.:  754


Date of Conviction:    Nov. 15, 1918


Sentence:  5-10 years






Allegation: Information did not specify what Wolff allegedly said on Aug. 2, 1918


Personal Information: Worked as a carpenter and laborer. Date and place of death unknown.


Case Details:  Served 10 months and was released on Jan. 21, 1920 after state Supreme Court reversed in October 1919. Conviction reversed because information fails to specify what Wolff allegedly said. "The particular words the prosecutor ultimately selected to prove the offense are left entirely to our imagination; and, so far as the record shows, the defendant himself was left completely in the dark...No one shall be held to answer an information unless the crime be charged with precision and fullness, to the end that the defendant may have ample opportunity to make his defense...


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