Name: James Weaver


Age/DoB:  Unknown


County of Conviction: Sanders


Judicial District: 4th


Case No.:  207


Date of Conviction:    Information filed May 20, 1918.


Sentence:  $300 fine









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Allegations:  That on March 20, 1918, made the following comments: (1) "[t]o hell with you, Swanson, and to all of you Americans, too"; (2) "[c]ome up and have a drink, you patriotic Scissor Bills";  (3) "[t]o hell with the government - we have no government" (or words to that effect), and;  (4) "[c]ome up and have a drink on the Kaiser."


Case Details:  14 witnesses testified at Mr. Weaver's jury trial. Found guilty.


Personal Information:  Weaver was a lumberjack employed at the Dover Lumber Company.


The Montana Sedition Project