Name: Fred Vogel


Age/DoB:  abt. 1865-1870


County of conviction:  Fergus              


Judicial District:  10th


Case No.:  1107, 1119


Date of Conviction:  Information filed June 12, 1918


Sentence:  1-12 years





Allegation:  That on March 6, 1918, allegedly said "You American sonofabitch, I was born under as good a flag [Switzerland] as you were and can whip any American SOB who says that about the Kaiser" or words substantially the same in response to a patriotic and loyal remark concerning the flag of the U.S."


Case Details:  Found guilty in jury trial. He served 11 months and was released May 11, 1919.


Personal Information: Immigrated from Switzerland in 1871. One of the first trustees for School Dist. 71 near Forest Grove, formed in 1909. In 1910 census, listed as a sheepman in Forest Grove with wife Anna and four children. In 1916, was listed as a farmer near the ice plant near Lewistown. Working as a butcher at the time of his arrest. In 1920 census, listed as a laborer in a gravel pit, and in 1930 census as a teamster at a gravel pit. He died on Nov. 5, 1948.


The Montana Sedition Project








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