Name: Robert Vanlandingham

Age/DoB:  Unknown

County of Conviction:  Missoula

Judicial District:  4th

Case No.:  1131

Date of Conviction:  June 3, 1919

Sentence:  Fine of $300









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Allegations:   Vanlandingham's seditious act allegedly occurred on April 13, 1918.  In response to being asked to hang a Liberty Bond poster in Equity Store, where he worked as a clerk, Vanlandingham stated, 'Some more of your damned war--damn the soldiers and you too--if there weren't any soldiers there wouldn't be any war.'


Case Details:  Vanlandingham had a jury trial.  The following instruction was offered:  'If you find statements were made in a sudden...or anger, and without deliberation, Def must be acquitted."  This instruction was refused by the trial court.


Personal Information:  Worked as a warehouseman for the Farmer's Equity Co. in Missoula. Died on October 10, 1930, in Missoula County.


The Montana Sedition Project