Name: Louis.C. Steffer


Age/DoB:  abt. 1872


County of Conviction:  Fergus            


Judicial District:  10th


Case No.:  1116


Date of Conviction:    Information filed June 30, 1918


Sentence:  $200 fine









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Allegations:     That on June 30, 1918, in Big Spring township, Steffer allegedly stated that "There are a bunch of sons-of-bitches running the government, getting great big salaries that we have to pay for and they don't know more than you or I know. We have no business sending soldiers to France, we have no business in the war and should tend to our own business.  It is a rich man's war and after the war two or three men will have all the money."


Case Details:  Found guilty after jury trial.


Personal Information:  Born in Minnesota. Lived near Winifred. Married to Pauline B. Steffer. Had at least one child, Luvella E. Steffer, born abt. 1910, who died in Spokane, Wash., in 1980. Louis died in 1957, probably in Spokane and is buried there in Fairmount Memorial Park.


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