Name: George Adam Steck

Age/DoB: Dec. 20, 1865

County of Conviction: Lewis & Clark

Judicial District:  1st

Case No.: 1454

Date of Conviction: Information filed May 31, 1918

Sentence: 1-3 years.



Allegations: On May 6, 1918, allegedly said "I wish they would come after me some night to take me out to kiss the dirty rag (meaning the flag of the United States) what they call the American flag. I know I would die for our Kaiser (meaning the Emperor of the Germans) and Fatherland (meaning the Imperial Government of Germany) the same as the boys in the trenches. This damned country (meaning the govt. of the U.S.) is bankrupt already and do they (meaning the soldiers and sailors of the U.S.) expect to lick Germany? No, they never did and they never will."

Case Details:  Trial postponed because of Spanish influenza epidemic. Pled guilty. Served 7 months. Released Sept, 4, 1919.


Personal Information: Born in Germany. In Montana 27 years. Married to Christina Steinbrenner. Had three sons and six daughters. Bartender and weaver. Was the night bartender at Trocadero Saloon in Helena at time of his arrest. Died Oct. 7, 1933 in Helena. Living relatives in Montana and California.


The Montana Sedition Project