Name:  Herman Rohde

Age/DoB:  74

County of Conviction:  Custer

Judicial District:  16th

Case No.:  847

Date of Conviction:  June 8, 1918

Sentence:  4-8 years




Allegations: That "between March 1 and April 9, 1918, in presence of certain persons understanding German, did say in Max Frederick's saloon in Miles City (while playing crib with his son Bill and Martin Wehinger) and at Mike Wehinger's ranch in Pine Hills: That German army was then within 2 miles of Paris; they (Germany) ought to sink the boats carrying U.S. soldiers across; no more than right that Tuscania was sunk because enemy had warned America to keep off; certain Americans of German descent ought to stay with Germany and be in sympathy against U.S.; if Germans had come through Mexico invading the U.S., D would have helped the Germans--all with the felonious and seditious intent to spread German propaganda; to work sympathy and moral support in favor of Germany and against the U.S."


Case Details: First to be tried for sedition in Custer County. Trial held June 5-8, 1918.  Served 34 months. Released April 17, 1921,  about 76 years old.


Personal Information:  Born in Pomerania, Germany in 1845. May have served in German army in Franco-Prussian War. Came to U.S. in 1893. In Montana 25 years. Filed intention to become U.S. citizen in Custer Co. in Sept. 1894. Built three-room house on homestead claim of at least 160 acres in 1894. Became citizen Oct. 25, 1898. Farmer in Pine Hills area of Custer Co. Testified to Land Office that he was "a poor man with a large family of small children."  Had six children, four living in Miles City and two with wife Anna in Portland, Ore. Died Marion County, Ore., on July 26, 1923. Wife Anna died in Portland on March 17, 1925.


The Montana Sedition Project