Name:  Frederick H. Rodewald

Age/DoB:  Dec. 6, 1875


County of Conviction:  Rosebud

Judicial District:  15th

Case No.:  290

Date of Conviction:  Sept. 24, 1918

Sentence:  2-5 years




Allegations: That on April 23, 1918, allegedly said "in substance as follows: that we (meaning the people and citizens of the United States) would have hard times unless the Kaiser didn't get over here and rule this country."

Case details: Made alleged remarks at a lumberyard after he was told that all lumber was being diverted to the war effort. Defense counsel Young & Young. Wife and daughter testified on his behalf. Found guilty by jury in a one-day trial.  Served 19 months. Worked as a carpenter in prison. Released April 19, 1920.


Personal Information:  Born in Hanover, Germany and worked there as a carpenter. Immigrated about 1895 and joined relatives in Charter Oak, Iowa. Married Pearl and raised a "first family" of six children before moving to Montana to homestead near Sumatra. Pearl was pregnant with a ninth child when Fred was sent to prison. The family moved to Minnesota, where a tenth child was born. Fred and Pearl farmed near Litchfield, Minn. Pearl died in 1955. Fred died Oct, 9, 1960. Many family members in Minnesota and Montana.


The Montana Sedition Project