Name:   Joseph Reilly


Age/DoB:  38


County of Conviction:  Mineral


Judicial District: 4th


Case No.:  44


Date of Conviction:   May, 1918


Sentence:   2-5 years.





Allegations:     At Saltese on April 24, 1918, Reilly was alleged to have

said, "I am an American in a pig's ass hole.  I am an I.W.W. and an agitator.  Fuck the flag (meaning the U.S. flag hanging before him); fuck the United States.  I love the Germans." 


Case Details: He served 12 months in prison for his remarks, from May 11, 1918 to May 11, 1919.


Personal Information:  Joseph was a newly arrived Irish immigrant who worked as a miner. He was said to be a member of Sinn Fein. 


The Montana Sedition Project