Name:  Matt Regan

Age/DoB:  Unknown

County of Conviction:  Fergus County

Judicial District: 10th

Case No.:  1121

Date of Conviction: July 22, 1918. 

Sentence:  $250 fine









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Allegations:  On April 18, 1918, allegedly said "This war makes me sick to my stomach; it is nauseating and makes me tired. They send soldiers over there and want to buy them graphaphones, pianos and automobiles. They send them over to fight and why in hell don't they make them fight?"


Case Details:  Regan pled guilty and was represented by a Mr. Blackford. 


Personal Information:  Elected alderman from 2nd ward in 1899 when Lewistown first incorporated but was not re-elected in 1900. Date and place of death unknown.


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