Name:  Frank Benny Rakstis

Age/DoB:  Sept. 5, 1885

County of Conviction:  Carbon

Judicial District: 13th

Case No.:  475

Date of Conviction:  Jan. 8, 1919

Sentence:  $200 fine









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Allegations: On Sept. 26, 1918, said: "I don't like this country and I don't like this government. I don't care for this country. I want to fight against this country, because America fights against my country and I want to fight against this country. If I could go today to my country I would fight this country."


Case details:  Convicted after trial.


Personal Information: Born in Russia. Miner, NWI Co., Red Lodge. Nearest relative, S. Pocius, uncle, Cicero, Ill.


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