Name: Joseph Milch

Age/DoB:  Abt. 1866 or 1867                

County of Conviction: Lewis & Clark

Judicial District:  1st

Case No.: 1457

Date of Conviction: Information filed 5/31/1918

Sentence: 3-6 years in prison plus $3,000 fine.








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Allegations:  "Look at the pictures. I'll be damned if this is not the biggest lie. Do they expect to win this war with paper soldiers and boys? The old country has men and not 17-year-old kids. They call the Germans barbarians. Just look at this article. They are damn lies. What do they think of the Bohemians anyhow? They won't start any revolution. This damn President should go and fuck himself and Uncle Sam too. Uncle Sam's boys are getting a good fucking in France every day, but I wish Germany would come over here and give all of them a good fucking. The damn son of a bitch French, American and English aeroplanes bombarded some of the towns in Germany. You don't see a son of a bitch thing about it in the paper but when the German aeroplanes bombarded places in England and France, you always hear they kill women and children. They never kill men. They call the Germans HunsÉ"


Case Details: Sole prosecution witness was convicted felon who had worked as spy for Anaconda Copper Mining Co. Did not go to prison. Made $5,000 bail, case eventually dismissed. 


Personal Information:  Born in Baden Baden, Bavaria. Had at least two brothers in Montana, John and August. Listed in 1889 Helena city directory as a tailor. In Lodge No. 2, Sons of Hermann, Helena, in 1901.Worked as a local tailor. Married with at least two children, Joseph and Amelia. Died Jan. 19, 1930, in Cascade Co. Living great-grandson in Billings.


The Montana Sedition Project