Name:  Herbert Mansolf

Age/DoB:  February 7, 1889

County of Conviction:  Missoula

Judicial District:  4th

Case No.:  1122

Date of Conviction:    May 24, 1918

Sentence:  2-4 years at hard labor





Allegations:  "Well, there will be damn German flag flying over the United States inside of a year. The Americans never did amount to nothing and they will amount to a whole lot less when the war is over."


Case Details:  Mansolf's remarks were made at Dwyer's Saloon in Huson on March 23, 1918 when he allegedly advised W.H. Wagar, a draft registrant, on his way to Missoula for a physical exam for the draft, not to go..  Testimony by Wagar and the bartender shows that Mansolf had been drinking. Mansolf entered Montana State Prison on May 25, 1918 and left on June 8, 1919.  He served a total of 13 months.  During this incarceration he was committed to Warm Springs from August 25, 1918 until March 12, 1919. 


Personal Information:  Mansolf was born and raised in Missoula. His father, born in Austria, ran a small restaurant in town. Mansolf lived with his mother in Spokane from 1933 to 1936.  In 1936 he was committed to Medical Lake mental hospital. Date and place of death unknown.  He has a first cousin living in Minneapolis.


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