Name: Albert Edward Maker

Age/DoB:  Jan. 13, 1881


County of Conviction: Broadwater

Judicial District:  14th

Case No.: 166

Date of Conviction: Information filed on April 22, 1918

Sentence: 4-8 years






Allegations:  "that the President of the U.S. was a Pro-German and a Traitor, and that the form of govt. of the U.S. was a joke, and other language of like import, all of which calculated to bring the form of government of the U.S into contempt, scorn and ridicule..."


Case Details: Convicted in jury trial. Entered Deer Lodge April 23, 1918.


Personal Information: Born in and citizen of England. Father was an engine fitter in London. Had been in Montana 3 weeks. Worked as a laborer.  Lived in Townsend.


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