Name: August Lambrecht (AKA August Lembrecht)  
Age/DoB: 56/ Born 1865 

County of Conviction: Lewis & Clark 
Judicial District: 1st
Case No.: 1458
Date of Conviction:  Information filed May 31, 1918

Sentence: 1-3 years 



Allegations: On 5/1 1918 said "I know this damn government is getting nutty but it won't last long. They are getting a good licking in France all the time now from the Germans...All they can do is to monkey around with the Germans in this country but it won't last long. I am awful sorry the Germans in Helena donŐt stick together and do something. I whistle and sing German and they don't bother me so far and they better don't as I don't stand no monkey business. Somebody is liable to get hurt."


Case Details: Prosecution witness Von Waldru said he approached Lembrecht after receiving a list of suspected pro-Germans furnished by the county council of defense and that he drew him into conversation using broken English. Witnesses testified to discussions with AL about the war across the division fence. One witness reportedly quoted him as saying, "Ha, ha! You proud Americans will be glad to eat herring and cold potato before you are through with this war." Judge Poorman, after sentencing him to 1-3 years, told him he could apply after 5 months for a pardon from state board of prison commissioners. Entered Deer Lodge 2/19/19. Served 7 months in prison. Lost trusty position in jail following discovery of Leo RenoŐs escape plot. Released 9/14/19.


Personal Information: Born in Pomerania. Testified was a former German army officer. Immigrated 1888. Had been in LaCrosse, Wis. and was married in 1900 August Lambrecht owned and worked in a blacksmith shop on upper Main St. in Helena. He lost his business after he got out of jail. In 1920, lived on a farm in Harmony, Lewis & Clark Co. with his wife Augusta. They moved to Oregon. He only had one daughter. She was already married with children when he was convicted with sedition. She stayed behind with her family in Helena when August and his wife moved to Oregon. He died in Portland on June 1, 1957 at age 92. He has living relatives in Helena.


The Montana Sedition Project




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