Name:  Theodore C. Klippstein/Klippstine

Age/DoB:  Dec. 31, 1878

County of Conviction: Richland

Judicial District:  7th

Case No.: 119

Date of Conviction:  Jan. 9, 1919

Sentence: 4-10 years




Allegations: While registering for the draft at Lone Ridge School House on Sept. 12, 1918, allegedly said "It is a wonder that our God Damned Government didn't send us some papers before we got in war so we could have had something to say about it and then we wouldn't have had war; we had no business to be in war as the people didn't want it; it was only the damned officials we sent to Washington that got us in war; only the big moneyed men wanted war, the rest of the people didn't want it and our damned government didn't give the people a chance to say whether they wanted war; the germans were the best soldiers anyhow."


Case Details: Convicted after one-day trial. County attorney asked him if green paint on window trim of his house meant he was a German spy.  Served 25 months in prison, Released Feb. 25, 1921.


Personal Information:  Born in Pomerania, Germany. Immigrated to U.S. in 1892, among 286 passengers on the German steamer Polynesia from Stettin, arriving in Ellis Island on June 15, 1892, with parents and five siblings. Family listed as having one piece of luggage. Married in1900. Naturalized in 1906. Had nine children. Homesteaded 12 miles south of Poplar, south of Missouri River (Now border of Richland and Roosevelt Counties.) Father Wilhelm farmed nearby. After release from prison, moved to Portland, Ore. and worked as laborer for the electric company. Died in Portland, Ore., March 21, 1966, age 87. Living relatives in Portland, Ore., area, including a son, and in Montana.


The Montana Sedition Project


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