Name: Josef Hocevar


Age/DOB: 52


County of Conviction: Musselshell


Judicial District:


Case No.: 282


Date of Conviction:


Sentence: 6-12 years






Allegations: That on Oct. 4, 1918, at the Roadside Saloon, said "Patton is working this Liberty Loan business too strong (referring to a member of the Liberty Loan committee). I am an Austrian. This government is no good. I have been a citizen of this country since 1888. I am not a pro-German, I am an Austrian. President Wilson had no business getting into this war. President Wilson is heap shit. Fuck the Americans. Fuck them (referring to soldiers and sailors engaged in the military and naval service of the United States) too."


Case Details: Entered Deer Lodge Feb. 22, 1919. Released Aug. 18, 1921, after serving 30 months. Pardoned by Gov. Dixon with evidence that he had been the victim of a frame-up by two men in a saloon who, "being crazy drunk got the idea of having him arrested for sedition [and] after they sobered up they had to stay with their charge or they might go to jail."


Personal Information: Born in Krain (now Krajina, near Ljubljana, Slovenia). Came to U.S. on July 25, 1886. Took out citizenship papers in Butte in 1888. Voted for Wilson and for Cleveland when Montana a territory. Worked at No. 3 mine near Roundup for 17 months, "outside in the ashes, in the boiler room" for $4.95 a day. Worked as a laundryman in prison. In 1930, was working as a road laborer in Aldridge, Park County. Date and place of death unknown.


The Montana Sedition Project