Name: Herman Heimann


Age/DoB: abt. 1872


County of Conviction: Choteau


Judicial District:  12th


Case No.: 5352, 5354


Date of Conviction:    July 18, 1918


Sentence: $500









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Allegations:     seditious statement made on February 27, 1918 that "I would as soon see President Wilson . . . .killed as the Kaiser."


Case Details: Found guilty in case #5352, fined $500 and remanded to the custody of the sheriff until the fine was paid at a rate of $2/day. Case #5354 was dismissed.


Personal Information: Born in Germany. Arrived in approximately 1883. Married to Pauline A., also born in Germany. They had 6 children. Herman worked as a farmer. Died in Great Falls.


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