Name: Frank Anton Heil         

Age/DoB: Dec. 25, 1876          

County of Conviction: Lewis & Clark

Judicial District: 1st

Case No. 1456

Date of Conviction: Information filed May 31,1918

Sentence: 1-2 years (suspended)










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Allegations: That said, "I don't believe this country has any right to fight our country. All they need is a good licking and they are going to get it before William gets through with them. The guy in Washington needs a licking too and I wish they would give it to him good and quick."


Case Details: Sole prosecution witness was convicted felon who had worked as spy for Anaconda Copper Mining Co. After sentence (1-2 years) pronounced, judge suspended it, saying because Heil had never before been imprisoned and his character and circumstances were such that he was not likely to engage in an offensive course of conduct, therefore public safety does not require defendant shall suffer penalty. Placed on probation.


Personal Information:  Worked as a teamster in Lewis and Clark County. Died on May 10, 1966.


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