Name: John Harrington


Age/DoB: abt. 1860


County of conviction:  Fergus


Judicial District:  10th


Case No.:  1106


Date of Conviction:    April 9, 1918


Sentence:  2-4 years





Allegation:  That on March 15, 1918, uttered disloyal, profane language…(statutory pleading). According to a newspaper account, pleaded guilty in the district court this afternoon to making seditious statements to the effect that he hoped the Kaiser would defeat the American troops and that our transports ought to be sunk. He said he did not recall making the remarks, but realized that the witnesses who testified to having heard him make them could not have been mistaken.


Case Details: Pled guilty. Judge H.L. DeKalb sentenced the man to from two to four years in the penitentiary, "and the defendant thanked the court for his leniency." Served 12 months, and was released on April 13, 1919. Lack of specificity in information would have been grounds for successful appeal (see Wolff case in Beaverhead Co.)


Personal Information: Immigrated from Ireland. Worked as a miner in Fergus Co. "No fixed habitation." Described in newspaper as "densely ignorant." Illiterate.


The Montana Sedition Project