Name:  Edward A. Foster

Age/DoB:  abt 1866

County of Conviction:  Fergus County

Judicial District: 10th

Case No.:  1122

Date of Conviction: July 22, 1918


Sentence:  $500 fine









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Allegations:  On March 25,1918, allegedly stated, "Because I don't carry the goddamm flag they call me pro-German; because I don't buy Liberty Bonds and don't carry the flag they call me a pro-German."


Case Details:  Found "guilty" of sedition by a "committee of loyal citizens" meeting in a pool hall, then forced to march up and down the street carrying an American flag before he was officially arrested. Crowd that had gathered then marched to the local high school, demanded all German textbooks and burned them in the street, singing "America" and "The Star Spangled Banner." Mob made nine more "disloyal" men kiss the flag, then nearly lynched another man who had refused to buy Liberty Bonds. High school burned down one month later. Foster was convicted in a jury trial and was represented by E.K. Cheadle. 


Personal Information:  Served as a first lieutenant in the 1st Montana Regiment in the Spanish-American War. Discharged 1899. Homesteaded in Forest Grove near Lewistown. Worked as a real estate and insurance salesman in Lewistown. Died in Lewistown Dec. 17, 1942.


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