Name: Peter Ervik (Also spelled Arvek or Arvik)


Age/DoB: abt 1877


County of Conviction: Mineral


Judicial District:  4th                 


Case No.: 41  


Date of Conviction: April 6(?), 1918                 

Sentence: 2-4 years





Allegations:     That on April 3, 1918, allegedly said, "I would sooner fight for the Kaiser than I would for the United States; fuck the United States and fuck the flag. I mean it."


Case Details: Pleaded not guilty. Found guilty by jury.


Personal Information: Born in Norway. Arrived as Peder Bertelsen Ervik at Ellis Island April 6, 1905, going to his brother-in-law in Shelly, Minn. In 1910 he was living in  Beaver Creek Township,  Steele Co. North Dakota. Listed as married, but no wife named. Died in Missoula County on January 2, 1930.


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