Name: Louis Fred Effinger    

Age/DoB:  April 27, 1878

County of Conviction:  Missoula

Judicial District:  4th

Case No.: 1121

Date of Conviction: Oct. 1, 1918

Sentence:  $800









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Allegations: On March 23, 1918, outside store in downtown Missoula, Effinger read aloud from headlines of Missoula Sentinel the words "Germans take 25,000 men -- 700 guns" then said "I hope the Dutch get every son of a bitch of a one of them." Punched in face by fellow Rattlesnake farmer L.E. Tucker and saved from immediate lynching by Patrolman Kingham. Bystanders had already gone to a nearby hardware store for a rope, according to Marchy 24, 1918, Bozeman Daily Chronicle.


Case Details:  In a demurrer denied by Judge Asa Duncan, counsel for Effinger argued that sedition,a crime against the United States, could only be argued in the federal courts. Found guilty after trial Oct. 1-2, 1918. Defense atty Charles H. Hall. Daily Missoulian said Effinger had "been under surveillance by federal officers for some time."

Represented by Madeen & Cameron.


Personal Information:  Born in Indiana, parents German. Stock grower and farmer in Rattlesnake Valley, where he had lived for 25 years. Described in the Daily Missoulian as "wealthy." Single. Lived with mother Matilda. Died July 1, 1921 in Missoula.


The Montana Sedition Project