Name:  Louis Marius Christensen      

Age/DoB:  Aug. 9, 1885


County of Conviction:  Custer

Judicial District:  16th

Case No.:  877

Date of Conviction: Oct. 17, 1918

Sentence:  2-5 years





Allegations: That while working on the Smith ranch on May 15, 1918, "said that the Government of the United States is the worst Government on earth; that the soldiers had no right to be in France and that there ought not to be any Red Cross organization; that the war was to protect the money loaned to the Allied governments by the rich; that the Liberty loan was a graft and the soldiers did not get any benefit from it; (2nd Count) that the defendant would not be drafted and would not serve in the Army and that he would go to the penitentiary first; that the soldiers had no right to be in France; that if the soldiers were fools enough to go across and get shot they should be left to suffer; that he would not buy liberty bonds."


Case Details: Three prosecution witnesses unable to testify because they were in the hospital with influenza, leaving one prosecution witness. Jury out about one hour. Sentence set by jury. Served 13 months. Released Nov. 16, 1919.


Personal Information:  Born in Denmark, in the Parish of Esbonderup, Holbo, Fredriksborg amt (county). Emigrated to Omaha, Nebr., on May 4, 1906. Closest relative in Copenhagen. Single. Employed as a cabinetmaker and carpenter. Lived in Sayle, near the Wyoming line. Boarded with Janet and William K. Smith, also convicted of sedition. Took up a claim near their land and declared intention to become U.S. citizen. Date and place of death unknown.


The Montana Sedition Project




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