Name: Tom Cason


Age/DoB: b. 1882


County of Conviction: Missoula


Judicial District: 4th


Case No.: 1134


Date of Conviction: June 15, 1918


Sentence: 1.5 – 3 years.





Allegations: On April 21, 1918, he said at the Montana Hotel: "To hell with the United States government; shit on them; I don't give a damn for them, I'm a Wobbly."


Case Details: According to the April 22, 1918, Daily Missoulian, "Five minutes later he was inside the county jail, looking out, while a charge of sedition has been entered against him in the jail register." Convicted in jury trial. Served 28 months, from June 15, 1918 to Oct. 3, 1920.


Personal Information: Worked as a teamster. Identified as an I.W.W.


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