Name: Thomas Burans/Burns


Age/DoB: b. 1858


County of Conviction: Missoula


Judicial District: 4th


Case No.: 1130


Date of Conviction: May 25, 1918


Sentence: 1-2  years.









Allegations: In front of the Montana pool hall in Ronan on March 24, 1918, told a 21-year-old draft registrant: "Get out of the country and the jurisdiction of the draft board.  DonŐt enlist.  They are only tin soldiers anyway, and they are persecuting the IWW."


Case Details: Found guilty by a jury that included Rev. John Maclean, the father of author Norman Maclean, and memorialized in "A River Runs Through It." Denied a witness' claim that he had said he was a Wobbly. Served 13 months May 25, 1918 to June 8, 1919. Returned for parole violation Nov. 15, 1919.

 Personal Information: Born in Michigan about 1858. Parents born in Ireland. Lived in Ronan. Worked as a laborer, but also identified as a farmer on the (Flathead) reservation and later as a lumberjack. Possibly illiterate. Claimed at the time of his arrest to have been honorably discharged from the British Navy. Died in Montana State Hospital in Warm Springs on Feb. 20, 1926.


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