Name: Albert Brooks


Age/DoB:  Sept. 10, 1888


County of conviction:  Beaverhead


Judicial District:  5th


Case No.:  735


Date of Conviction: May 24, 1918


Sentence:  7-15 years





Allegation:  Distributed an I.W.W. pamphlet titled "War and the Workers," by Walker C. Smith.


Case Details:  Served 24 months in prison and was released May 4, 1920. Defense counsel Harlow Pease from Dillon said articles in Butte Daily Post, Anaconda Standard and Butte Miner inflamed people in the county against the defendant as member of I.W.W. Judgment reversed by state Supreme Court on April 8, 1920 (Docket No. 4419): 1) Judge denied counsel for defendant right to read pamphlet to jury, thus denied right to make known to jury the details of charge against defendant; 2) judge denied def. counsel right to challenge biased juror, who "entertained a bitter prejudice against (I.W.W.)."


Personal Information: Born in Illinois. Had been in Montana three years. Worked as a ranch hand with the Selway Sheep Co. 30 miles south of Dillon near the Idaho line.


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