Name: William N. Arnoldy           

Age/DoB:  1863

County of Conviction: Rosebud

Judicial District:  15th

Case No.:  299

Date of Conviction: 10/4/18

Sentence: 8-16 years






Allegations: That on July 20, 1918, said, "These free taxi rides given to the soldiers at Miles City were just for the purpose of getting them into private houses, so that they may have intercourse with women (meaning the wives, sisters and daughters of the citizens of Miles City) and get war babies.' Meaning and intending thereby that the soldiers of the USA were having illicit carnal intercourse with the wives..."


Case Details:  Defense counsel Young & Young. Convicted by jury. Served 7 months; released April 23, 1919.


Personal Information: Born in St. Paul, Minn. One of 16 children of immigrants from Germany and Luxemburg. Married and first worked in St. Paul. Had nine children. Arrived by himself in Montana about 1911, first worked in Miles City, later went into farming and real estate sales. After release from prison, worked as a laborer in Yellowstone County before returning to Miles City. Died Jan. 31, 1936 of heart disease in Miles City and buried in Custer County Cemetery. Distant relative in Miles City.


The Montana Sedition Project