Name:  Caspar Andersen

Age/DoB:  Unknown

County of Conviction:  Custer

Judicial District:  16th

Case No.:  894

Date of Conviction:  Dec. 20, 1918

Sentence:  $500









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Allegations: On Aug. 20, 1918, that it was not right for the young men to go to war and get killed; that defendant had been a soldier in Russia for two years and thereby had learned that if a soldier could make his officer believe he could not understand Military orders, the officer would discharge such a soldier; that he had instructed one John Saaria to thus deceive the United States officers at Camp Lewis, Wash., and that John Saaria had done so and had thus played dummy and had pretended not to savvy (understand) orders in that Camp and thereby John Saaria had effected his release from Camp and was back home; that soldiering was a hell of a job and that if certain young men then and there within United States draft ages were called to Training Camps and would do likewise and play dummy and pretend not to savvy (understand), they too would be dismissed from Camp by the officers and be sent back home.


Case Details:  Pled guilty, fined $500.


Personal Information: None. Date and place of death unknown.


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